As women who live, work, volunteer and raise our families in Lanark County we are constantly amazed by the strength, resilience and generosity of our community. Understanding the variety of local charities and programs addressing the unique needs of our rural region is inspiring.

We co-founded 100+ Women Lanark to cover shortfalls and strengthen support for local charities through increased awareness and consistent giving within the community we call home. Join us and make a difference!

One woman alone can do a lot but with our combined forces we can make huge changes in our lives and others.  We are coming together 4 times a year to make a large impact collectively and simply.  Please join us in sustaining the vibrant community we enjoy in Lanark County

– Lynn

I look forward to the day when our membership grows beyond 100 women and I know that moment is fast approaching. This is an idea that is brilliant in it’s simplicity and we are so pleased to be part of the 100 Women Who Care movement. Go Lanark County!

– Jeannie

Steering Committee

Wendy Martin

Lynn Vardy

Nancy Higham

Cathy York-Sloan

Paddy Robertson

Sylvia Giles